• Rapid Lights for Hue

    Control your Philips Hue Lights with just a few clicks


    We had to change the name of "Rapid Hue" to "Rapid Lights for Hue"

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  • Features

    Rapid Hue for OS X is a menu bar app, always available

    Brightness, Hue and Saturation

    Just one click for each

    Just one click to change brightness, hue and saturation. Control individual lights or groups

    Light Temperature Mode

    Cold and warm light

    Choose cold or warm light or anything in between

    Concise Controls

    Great overview

    You have full flexibility. Want highly granular control? Or do you want a great overview? The choice is yours.


    Always available at the bottom

    • Switch between color or temperature mode
    • Switch between control of individual lights or groups
    • Choose granularity of control
    • Turn all lights off at once
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